Passetto Restaurant

Passetto, Restaurant, Pizzeria, Cocktail Bar and Wine Bar, a historic place, one doorway to Piazza Navona, has for over a century hosted the best clients of Rome's bourgeoisie, aristocrasy and art world.
Many prominent personalities such as England's Queen Elizabeth, Prince Ranieri of Monaco with his wife Grace Kelly, Arthur Rubinstein, Salvador Dali, Liz Taylor, and Richard Burton, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Tyron Power, Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Vittorio de Sica and Vittorio Gasman, and an enormous number of politicians have dined and cheered inside the elegant rooms of Passetto.
Since its founding, Passetto has been an ideal bridge between traditional Roman and Mediterranean cuisine.  Today the "new Passetto" reinvisions itself with new evolutions in gastronomic elaborations with a complete food and drinking experience. 
Passetto, the Restaurant and Pizzeria (as well as its Wine Bar and Coctail Bar " APOLLINARE")  is among the many entrepreneurial creations of its two owners, Marilena and Salvatore Barberi, 3rd generation restauranteurs specialising in quintessential Roman Cuisine, and Gourmet Pizza and can count on the collaboration of Roman primiere culinary experts.
The Roman Chef Arcangelo Dandini, his assistants Maria Ferrini, and Giulio Ancaiani expertly crafted and continue to manage the Menu as well as the organization of the Kitchen Brigade...the true engine of the Restaurant. 
The Gourmet Pizza was elaborated by Giancarlo Casa from the famous pIzzeria La Gatta Mangiona, a real masterpiece for all Romans.
Apollinare Cocktail and Wine Bar offers wide open spaces with two rooms, entirely dedicated to the tasting of fine wines, craft beers, champagne, and cocktails created by the famous ANTONIO PARLAPIANO with the help of Maurizio Musu.  The wine list was created by Luca Boccoli.
"We have assembled all the best professionals on this project who have a passion for the preservation of tradition, the culture of Italian cuisine, bringing out the best of Italy and its profound culture". - Salvatore and Marilena Barberi.